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Why should I change to READYGO Battery?


LEAD-FREE! and ROHS Compliant.

READYGO Batteries are of compact structure, small volume, and light-weight compared to traditional batteries.

Traditional Battery : 13kg to 40kg

READYGO BATTERY : 2.5kg to 6.5kg

READYGO Batteries also provide better performance so you can improve your motor's efficiency and lower your vehicle's fuel consumption.

We also have IPMS (Intelligent Power Management System) integrated on our batteries which provide protections for over-charge voltage, over-discharge current, and over-heating. This guarantees safety not only on the battery but also on your vehicles during accidents (it prevent sparks or fire from happening).

EMERGENCY SPARE BATTERY! No need to worry about your car stopping or not starting because it will always have 30% spare charge.

SAFETY! READYGO batteries are non-hazardous - does not contain health or environtal hazards.

What READYGO battery fits my vehicle?


Do you provide Warranty?

  • READYGO batteries match the requirements of most vehicles, motorcycles, and trucks on the market.

  • The batteries are of standard size which means there is no need to modify or relocate anything when switching to READYGO battery.

  • Our batteries are also qualified for race car use.

  • YES! We provide warranty:

  • Our Android Application will help us determine how many years you are eligible to have.

  • 3 Years for Private use

  • 2 Years for Commercial use like taxi, grab etc.

  • 5 years for Generator Set use.


Android Application

Isolated Zone

(IPMS) Intelligent Power Management System


Fuel Consumption

Accessible application for Android devices that monitors voltage, battery life, warranty, etc.

The isolated zone has a smart lock and storage of 30% reserved power. It is used to guarantee engine start-up or crucial jump-start.

The IPMS provide protections for over-charge voltage, over-discharge current, and over-heating. A large current detection system is added to ensure safety during use.

Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous to human health and the environment.



Reduced floating current effectively, ultra low self-discharge decreases the number of charge, and stabilized voltage enables engine spark-plugs to work efficiently. Fast charging, reduced engine workload which results to 5% - 10% fuel consumption savings!

Lithium Iron Phosphate

READYGO batteries uses  Lithium Iron Phosphate

(LiFePO4). LiFePO4 batteries are remarkably safer,

reliable, and are not prone to issues found on

other Lithium-Ion Batteries (Lithium-Ion Polymer "LIPO"

which are found in mobile phones that is prone to overheating and exploding.) Not only are they safer but they also keep all the

benefits of lithium ion batteries.

Compared to Lead-Acid Batteries, LiFePO4 batteries triumph in full discharge capability, ultra-light weight. 10x charge and discharge rate compared to all lead-acid batteries (Gel, Flooded, AGM, Sealed, etc.), and also up to 5x the cycle life. Making LiFePO4 the perfect replacement to conventional lead acid batteries.

Battery Comparison

READYGO Models vs Lead Acid Batteries

(Models for motorcycles and small cars releasing soon!)

READYGO Battery Lifespan

3 Year Warranty

Could last up to 10 years


ReadyGO Battery : 2.5kg to 6.5kg

Lead-Acid Battery Lifespan

Cars : 2-3 Years

Trucks : 1-2 years

Lead-Acid Battery Weight

Traditional Battery : 15kg to 60kg

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